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With a history of excellence since 1977, 6 countries, 64 international and national awards and a network all over the Indian sub-continent, Creative Travel has grown to become one of the region’s most prominent, respected and independent Destination Management Companies. We are proud to be the purveyors of the finest experiences, cultural immersions and natural wonders all over India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Tibet & the Maldives, and are today India's largest family owned destination management company.

I am delighted to present one of our most special products in the recent past.

Introducing “Engaging Journeys, Crafted by Creative.”

In line with the philosophy of being unique and ‘Creative’ in whatever we do, we have created an exclusive product line of very special journeys, guaranteed operating at minimum two guests. This product line is most unique and nobody else in India can offer these because of our exclusive a agreements with the experts and other hosts throughout each journey. All trips crafted with precision, care and based on a distinct area of interest. The essence of each journey is based on exclusivity and something our guests can’t buy themselves. You will find here more details on the various options. We also have opportunities to buy-out a specific departure or create a custom itinerary for your clients. We’re happy to have a conversation on that.

If you need more information, please feel free to reach out to us at crafted@creative.travel

We look forward to your support, thank you and happy selling.

Have a Creative Day !

Rohit Kohli Joint Managing Director

The Essence

  • Unique itineraries - exclusive, carefully crafted interest-based Journeys
  • Led by expert resources, celebrated in their fields of expertise
  • Small intimate groups of likeminded people from across the world with never more than 12 couple
  • Guaranteed journey operation with minimum 2 guests
  • Comprehensive inclusions like cultural interactions with locals & authentic local cuisine
  • Accommodation in personally selected deluxe properties
  • Surprise gifts and group photographs to all guests

The Journeys

  • July, 2018

    Mind, Body & Soul of India

    From the ancient land of rituals and traditions come two practices which have become popular the world over – Yoga and Ayurveda. 

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  • September, 2018

    The Emperor’s Table

    In this journey, you will learn about various cuisines, the art of cooking them and enjoy them with the locals. You will visit the “Wine capital of India,” Nasik to take a tour of a vineyard and enjoy wine tasting and pairing.

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  • October, 2018

    India’s Architecture Marvels

    India's architecture is deeply influenced by its diverse culture and traditions. In this journey, you get to experience the various architectural wonders of India, admire their beauty and learn more about their history and inception.

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  • October-November, 2018

    Tales of Indian Brew

    This tour gives an insight into the tea plantations and production of India along with an exclusive tea tasting session.

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  • November, 2018

    The Camel & Cultural Extravaganza

    In this journey, explore the cultural delights of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur as well as the Pushkar Fair. Experience the royal way of living with stays at heritage hotels and interactions with the royal family over a cooking demonstration and dinner.

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  • November, 2018

    The Big Fat Indian Wedding

    This tour will give you an insight into the religion and culture of India along with the chance to attend a big fat Indian wedding. Join a real couple's wedding to witness the celebrations and preparations and know more about the various rituals and cultures of an Indian family wedding.

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  • November-December, 2018

    Glamping & the Royals

    In this journey, experience camel, elephant and jeep safaris, live in tented accommodations, relax and enjoy the splendid views of the mountains.

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  • January-February, 2019

    An Indian Art Affair

    Experience and learn about the rich literature, history and art of ancient and modern India. Every piece of art narrates a story to experience and indulge in. This journey also includes a Bollywood tour, where you can learn all about the glamourous Indian film industry, what goes behind shooting a film and the traditional Bollywood dance moves.

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  • February, 2019

    Artists of the white desert

    Witness local craftsmen at work, creating their masterpieces. Visit magnificent forts, palaces and lakes that highlight Indian craftmanship. And attend the Rann Utsav, a cultural extravaganza of music and dance set under the full moon on a sprawling salt desert.

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  • February, 2019

    Heritage of Humanity

    During this journey, you get to experience the vibrant cultures, traditions and religions of India that have enthralled the world for years. Learn about Indian mythology, while experiencing local rituals. A visit to important religious places from gurudwaras to churches to temples, along with a chance to attend the breath-taking Hindu aarti ceremony on the banks of the Ganges river, will offer insights into India’s diverse spiritual beliefs.

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  • March, 2019

    Multi Hues of India

    Visit spectacular forts, monuments and palaces and taste authentic Rajasthani delicacies. Experience life in rural India and indulge in traditional Rajasthani activities. Experience and witness the festival of colours, Holi. Play Holi with the Nobel family and indulge in the colours, and warmth and revelry of the festival.

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